Katherine Heigl got her baby

Someone should tell Katherine Hiegl that adoption was so last year because she unpacked her just-delivered Korean baby girl and slapped a few pictures up on her foundation’s website today. Her publicist said:

“Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley have adopted a 10 month old baby girl from Korea. Katherine and Josh have named their daughter Nancy Leigh and she will go by the nickname Naleigh. She is named after Katherine’s mother Nancy and Katherine’s sister Margaret Leigh. Katherine, Josh and Naleigh are together and doing well.”

There was a brief window of opportunity there to name her imported baby something decipherable, but it looks like Heigl squandered it on something as unpronounceable as Naleigh. I’m just going to call the kid “The Korean Heigl” from now on which is much better because it makes it sound like she’s a cage fighter. I hope Heigl is okay with that.

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