Kourtney Kardashian is a role model

Erica Mena, Kourtney & Khole Take Miami co-star, Dash store employee, and ass kisser extraordinaire recently regarded Kourtney as a “role model”. She tells E!,

“The fact that Kourtney puts everything out there about her pregnancy for the world to know makes her more of a role model.

It’s realistic and it’s the truth, and for a young girl going through the same thing — forgetting to the take the pill, considering abortion — it’s nice to know Kourtney is someone a person can look up to in the public eye.”

Erica Mena, I agree. A 30-year-old “young girl” having a child that is a product of multiple acts of irresponsibility (i.e. forgetting to take her birth control pills and sleeping with her on-again, off-again unfaithful boyfriend) is setting the perfect example for women of all ages. Pair her behavior with Kim’s sex tape and add DJ AM’s crack pipe and we’ll be on the right track to influencing a generation of winners.

….too soon?

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14 years ago

I think Kourtney’s old enough to make her own choices, irresponsibility is really about how you handle yourself with it. Being mature enough to straighten things out and making good decisions. Obviously she’s old enough. I think Erica Mena sounds like a high school girl, or younger. very immature.. She doesn’t know how to word it.