Kristin Cavallari is a good friend

A Page Six blind item about a reality show star and a well known singer hooking up may have been revealed. All signs, namely Janet Charlton’s accusing finger, point to John Mayer and Kristin Cavallari. Janet says they’ve been friends with benefits for two years and are now considering going public.

Sources say Cavallari was apprehensive about announcing it at first because she didn’t want to be known as another of John’s conquests, but now that she’s on The Hills which is about to debut soon, she figures the publicity will be fantastic. I mean, it’s because “their relationship has evolved.”

I don’t see why Cavallari was so afraid to begin with. Everyone figures that she was someone’s conquest anyway. Might as well make it publicly known that someone was John Mayer. It’s not like people were thinking she was holed up in a laboratory finding a cure for cancer. They were thinking, “Kristin Cavallari? Oh, her. She’s probably getting bent over a couch right now and sniffing the carpet desperately trying to snort the little bit of cocaine she dropped.”

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