Lindsay is a diva

Lindsay Lohan has been jobless for a while so it makes sense that her fame should carry even more weight than ever. Actually, no, it shouldn’t. But Lindsay thinks so. At the G-Star runway show Tuesday night with Ali and two friends, Lindsay first refused to pose for photos and had to be “dragged into the press line,” and then she decided to change everyone’s seating arrangements.

She began taking the seating cards for celebrities like Juliette Lewis and Christian Siriano and moving them or throwing them on the floor,” said our source. When she threw Taylor Momsen’s place card to the floor, event producers approached her. Lohan responded, “Don’t [bleep]ing touch me,” and “rolled her eyes and continued moving the place cards,” said our spy. There’s no stopping a true diva.

They should have given Lindsay fake seating cards to play with. That way, when Lindsay starts noticing none of the changes she made actually did anything, she’ll finally figure out why Christian Siriano looked so much like Eric from “Guess Who?”.

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