Lindsay Lohan lands a fake job

French label Ungaro has hired Estrella Archs, an unknown designer, and Lindsay Lohan, a broke actress, to rejuvenate the brand. Lohan and Archs will work together to reveal their first collection in Paris on Oct. 4. Lohan’s official title is “artistic adviser” which basically means she just sits in a corner and watches Estrella design clothes.

Mounir Moufarrige, Ungaro’s CEO, fully admits this is a publicity stunt. He hopes that the image of Estrella and Lindsay together bowing at the end of the show will bring lots of attention to a failing brand. Lindsay had this to say about her fake job,

“When I’m involved in a project, I give my all to it,” the controversial celebrity said. “I feel like there’s a correlation between everything I do, whether it’s pop music or film. I’ve always played a big part in what I wear, the costumes. Clothing is something that’s so expressive in so many ways. It really interests me.

“To be in a position where I’m working with a fashion house in Paris sets it apart from every other celebrity brand.”

Still, not even Lindsay knows what an “artistic adviser” does. When asked, Lindsay said she “kind of oversees everything [Archs] does, while working with her. Different generations have different ideas.”

Oh, yea. Right. Like anyone is going to trust Lindsay with the future of their company. No one takes a girl whose only ideas are “zippers, lots of them” and “knee pads, on both knees!” seriously. You could come up with a better design if you ran a bunch of clothes through a paper shredder. It won’t matter in the end anyway. Lindsay will only show up twice to the office. Once to take as many free clothes as she can get and once to collect her paycheck. She’ll have about as much a hand in their new collection as I had a hand in creating the pyramids.

Here’s your new fashion maven walking SoHo yesterday.

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