Lindsay Lohan may know her burgler

Nick Prugo, the guy arrested for allegedly robbing Lohan’s house, may have known her. People from the set of Labor Pains say they saw Nick hanging out on set with Lindsay no less than 10 times. TMZ continues, “Prugo — who is 18 — was arrested for cocaine possession last February. He pled guilty and was placed in a drug diversion program. He was also arrested last month for DUI.” It’s unknown whether Prugo had ever visited Lohan’s house.

Of course they know each other. They probably planned this thing on the back of a Denny’s menu in crayon. Prugo is basically Lindsay’s doppelganger. He’s like her evil twin. Sworn enemies joining forces for one retarded plan. I imagine the conversation between them normally involves them giving each other intense stares and saying, “Prugo…!” or “Lohan…!”

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