Lindsay Lohan’s neighbors are jealous.

RadarOnline reports Lindsay Lohan’s Hollywood Hills neighbors know everything there is to know about her lease and home as they “claim they have talked to the owner of the residence”. According to her well-informed and friendly neighbors, Lindsay is moving out of her home with either three or five months left on her lease. It’s hard to get the amount of months straight while making them up on a whim. This move breaks her lease, which will leave her owing $50,000 or whatever fancy number her variety of neighbors could conjure up. Her neighbors also add,

“Lindsay has been the neighbor from hell. The police would be called on her three times a night sometimes.

I can tell you that everyone in this neighborhood is unbelievably relieved that Lindsay has moved on. I just feel sorry for her next neighbors.”

The sources behind this article reek of jealousy and envy. I can imagine the neighbor’s peeping through their blinds at Lindsay’s windows wishing it were them snorting lines of coke off of Samantha Ronson’s penis. Sigh, if we could all be so lucky.

Editor’s note: And here’s Lindsay Lohan in a bikini, finally. She also has another Marilyn Monroe quote tattoo. It reads: “I restore myself when I’m alone.” It’s a euphemism for masturbation, get it?! At least I think it is. Honestly, everything is a euphemism for masturbation to me so it could mean something else entirely.

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