Madonna collpases twice during concert, might be narcoleptic

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Madonna passed out not once, but twice during Saturday’s Sitcky & Sweet show in Sofia, Bulgaria. While singing “Holiday,” she fell asleep on her dancer and he had to shake her like a misbehaving baby to revive her. Then when leaving the stage during “Spanish Lesson” she went into la la land again, this time falling over. Video over at The Sun or up above. A source says:

“Madge was really worried backstage. She had to sit down for a longer break than usual between songs.

“She refused to end the show or take a break after the Holiday dizzy spell. It turns out she’s suffering from exhaustion. She is anaemic.

“She was advised to postpone the last two shows in Israel for a few days, but logistics and stubborness stopped her. She’ll do them then take some rest.”

Oh, god. I know how she feels. Her music is so boring even I almost fell asleep. I don’t know how she stays awake for the whole thing. Combine that with the fact Madonna is powered by 0% body fat, I’m surprised she isn’t dead. Although, hopefully when the ancient curse reanimating her mummified body is lifted, she will be.

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14 years ago

She’s elderly. She shouldn’t be up that late anyway. No wonder she needs a nap.

14 years ago

Actually, she is just suffering from being too old for this nonsense. I have 4 letters for you, Madge: AARP.