Matt Damon punked George Clooney

If you remember back to Tuesday, George Clooney was at a press conference in Venice when a reporter told George he was gay, stripped off his clothes and told him that if he was going to marry a guy, let it be him (vide0 down below). Matt Damon went on David Letterman last night and admitted that this was his doing.

Damon explained that Pitt was getting tired of questions about when he was going to marry Angelina so he joked that he’ll marry once “George Clooney marries his boyfriend.” An Italian journalist then went up to Matt and asked if it was true that Clooney had a secret gay lover. Of course, Matt said yes and said they’ve known the friend for years.

Which is why on Tuesday, a reporter stood up, stripped and said, ‘George!…I am a gay.’ And this guy starts peeling his clothes off and he says, ‘If you musta choose, choose me!’ ”

A clever prank to get Matt Damon back would be to cut his brake lines. That or fill his entire front lawn with Real Dolls like they were ornamental flamingos. I’m still partial to the brake line prank though. [E!]

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