Megan Fox didn’t do so well

Megan Fox’s Jennifer’s Body enjoyed the biggest push of any movie last week. Reports came every day about girl on girl make-out scenes and Megan Fox eating girls as well as boys. So, how did Jennifer’s Body do after all that marketing? Did it take number one at the box office? Not quite. That spot went to the animated flick Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. So, it took the second spot? No, no it didn’t. That went to Matt Damon’s The Informant! Uh, ok. So where did it end up? Glad you asked. It took fifth after that dude who dresses up as chicks in all his movies (Tyler Perry) and Love Happens.

Yikes. It really says something when you’re film gets beaten out by Tyler Perry, creator of such terrible films as Madea Goes to Jail and Madea’s Family Reunion. Maybe now is the time to take me up on the offer of sleeping with me. No? Okay, it was just a suggestion anyway.

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