Megan Hauserman will have her day

When VH1 canceled Megan Hauserman’s reality show Megan Wants a Millionaire after the whole Ryan Jenkins brutally murdered a model and dumped her body in a trash can thing, Megan had the opportunity to still take the spotlight by going to the press to talk about Jenkins who had supposedly won the contest. She didn’t because she had honor and class. Ha, no. VH1 promised her another show if she’d keep quiet. Her new show will move away from the dating format and will be unscripted despite requests by Megan for it to be the opposite.

Megan has whored herself to almost every reality show out there. All the other reality shows probably gather around the cooler to talk about what a reality show slut she is. They probably talk about all the degrading things they made her do and high five each other afterward. Those reality shows are real jerks.

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14 years ago

you guys are jerks…or whoever wrote this at least…you need some class…thats probably why this site isnt too popular…megan is not a slut nor whore..she is an entertaining woman who brings a lot of viewers to vh1 and all of her shows are popular because she is on them…get a life and dont be so jealous of megans success…