Michael Jackson is still controversial

Even in death, Michael Jackson is still controversial. In a recorded conversation between him and a rabbi, The King of Pop called Hitler a “genius orator” and a master showman. Which is true, but still, Hitler used that ability to kill everyone. Jackson realized why that could be a problem which is why he insisted he could have turned Hitler into a hippie given just one hour.

“You believe that if you had an hour with Hitler you could somehow touch something inside of him?”

Jackson declared: “Absolutely. I know I could.” He insisted nobody was all evil, explaining:

“You have to help them, give them therapy, teach them that somewhere, something in their life went wrong.”

The moonwalk, the lean, his effeminate voice. Hitler would have loved it. For about five minutes. I’m not sure a black guy who turned white and sounds like a chick could really convince Hitler of anything. It’d be hard to hear much of what Michael was saying over the giggling and him whispering to his buddies, “Hey, come check this out.”

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