Mischa Barton is a sad panda

Mischa Barton still hasn’t bounced back from her recent stay in the crazy house. A source on the set of The Beautiful Life says,

Barton shows up to work so bleary some days that it holds up filming. One day, says a source, “she was getting snippy with the director and kept demanding that someone make instant coffee for her. Often, she’ll stare at the coffee for minutes at a time and say, ‘Who will fix my coffee? I need someone to fix my coffee.’ “

Even reading this is depressing. I almost reached for a razor blade at the end of that. Hanging out with Mischa must be a real downer. Someone should tell her to get over it and to fix her own stupid coffee and then spit in it. That’ll give her the kick in the ass she needs. That or cause her to run into her trailer to cry, sending her even deeper into depression. Look, I’m no psychologist, okay?

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