Mischa Barton knows the secret to being fit

Mischa Barton plays a model on CW’s The Beautiful Life and it’s probably one of the easiest characters she’s ever had to play because she lives the life of a model. That is if the model life includes eating a McDonald’s extra value meal before working out. The NYDN says:

“She had a bag of McDonald’s in hand and was complaining to someone who looked like a trainer,” a spy says. The former “O.C.” star was overheard pleading: “Do I have to?”

I can’t wait until this show premieres. Finally. A real glimpse into the glamorous world of models. You probably won’t even be able to tell the difference between actual Victoria’s Secret models walking the runway and Mischa Barton’s loose portrayal of Victoria’s Secret type models walking the runway. I mean, aside from the ketchup stains on her dress and the bulging, hamster-like cheeks where she keeps her McDouble. Other than that, it’s like the real thing man.

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