Now it’s because Tila didn’t want a foursome

10News’ Juliette Vara says jealousy was the main reason for the incident at Shawn Merriman’s house over the weekend. A source says Merriman went to his bedroom with two women. When Tila walked in, Merriman asked her to join, but Tila, angry that she wasn’t the center of attention, “threatened to have sex with a member of Merriman’s entourage.”

Tila, who sources say was drunk at the time, then got naked and tried to leave the house. That’s when Merriman tried to stop her. This sort of confirms Tila’s Twitter update that read, “Where else in the law does it say “BITCH WOULDN’T SLEEP WITH ME AND ALL MY FRIENDS…..SO CHOKE HER AND BEAT HER!” umm…NO!”

Vowing to sleep with their friends is always a good way to get back at a guy who you’ve only know for a brief time and is about to engage in a threesome. He’ll probably care in the morning, Tila reasoned. At least briefly mention it in as he kicks her out and forces her to do the walk of shame? When asked for comment, members of Shawn Merriman’s entourage said “Shawn is the best… wingman… ever!”

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