Tila Tequila updated her Twitter the other day denying Shawn Merriman’s claims that she was intoxicated after he was arrested for allegedly choking and physically restraining her. “I am allergic to alcohol. It has been publicly known for years. That is how I got the name Tila ‘Tequila’ cuz the irony. I cant drink,” wrote Tila.

Aren’t most people allergic to alcohol? I believe it’s commonly referred to as “being drunk”. Regardless, even the owner of Stingaree, the club she and Merriman were at, said Tila was “visibly intoxicated.” Shawn adds that there were many people at his place that can back up his story of keeping her from drunk driving.

Not only that, in a deleted Twitter conversation between her and Merriman, Tila herself writes, “Dman im drunk!!!!!!! Im headed to this Chargers VS 49ers game right now!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYY!!!!!! @shawnemerriman u ready?? LETS GOOOOO! =)” (Convo can be seen here)

This Tila Tequila. She’s a bright one. Instead of thanking Merriman for keeping her and the rest of sober society safe, she wants him put in jail. That should go over real well with everyone. If that doesn’t win the public’s admiration, she can always try spitting in the face of one her fans and film herself laughing hysterically afterward. That should do it.

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