Pamela Anderson denies being poor

Reports last week painted a grim picture of Pamela Anderson’s current financial situation. They said she owed $1.1 million to construction companies for remodeling work done to her Malibu home as well as back taxes and that she had to resort to living in a trailer.

Today, Pamela refutes those claims. Although, she probably still lives in a trailer. Anderson says she has not yet paid contractors because she’s suspicious of the bills that keep coming in. She promises they’ll be paid if the bills are “fair”.

“These reports are crazy and I cannot believe this has become a media issue. I am actually touched at how much concern has been expressed for me over this. It is true that I am in a dispute with some of the contractors working on my home. This is because after paying millions of dollars to build the house I continue to get bills from the contractors. My lawyers are reviewing the work done to see if the bills are fair. If they are, they’ll be paid. If they aren’t, they won’t be,” Pamela says in the statement.

“I am just sorry this contractor went to the press, especially when I was working out of the country. I did not speak publicly about this before because I had no desire to embarrass anyone who worked on my home and whose work and bills are now part of arbitration. On a separate issue, mistakes may have been made in calculating taxes owed and we are now in the process of ensuring that any taxes owed are paid. Unfortunately there are tax liens. However, I’m financially secure and I want to thank everyone who expressed concern for me based on these rumors.”

Ugh. How does Pamela remain financially secure. There’s no way she’s making money off her face. No company wants her to be the spokesperson for anything. Maybe if someone invented a scarecrow for apes, she could shill for that. Though those aren’t in high demand. Unless Khloe Kardashian started calling around to see which buffet to hold her after-wedding party at. In which case, yea, I could see Pamela Anderson being financially secure.

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