Pamela Anderson is dating an electrictian

And that’s not just a cool nickname either like those given to fighters. He’s not Jamie “The Electrician” Padgett. He’s Jamie Padgett, the electrician. Big difference. Oh and he gives Pamela Anderson rides to the beach in his golf cart. She really lucked out with this one. PEOPLE writes:

A bikini-clad Anderson, 42, was spotted out at the beach in Malibu with her buff boyfriend, who’s an electrician. The pair reportedly met a few months ago at a trailer park where the former wife of Kid Rock was staying while work was being done on her house.

Pamela Anderson went from Baywatch sex symbol to a sex tape with Tommy Lee to this electrician. You might as well take a shovel out back behind the shed, hit her career over the head a few times to make sure it’s dead and bury it already.

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