Paula Abdul is good at lip-syncing

Paula Abdul did a McSkat medley to open her new show DIVA. Don’t ask me the show’s premise because I have no idea nor do I care. The fact that Paula could barely lip-sync through her own music was enough to turn me off of typing “Paula Abdul DIVA” in Google. Anyway, if you want to check out a still bitter Paula fail on stage while images of Mc Skat Cat and Simon Cowell flash behind her, be my guest. I’m not going to stop you.

And if you’re somehow still interested, god knows why, below is a clip of Paula mocking Ellen Degeneres (Degeneres replaced her on American Idol). This is like when your girlfriend breaks-up with you and you pretend to be fine, but you’re not and it’s clear you’re not because you keep talking about her and making fun of her new boyfriend. Then things get really awkward, like here, when your friends walk in on you dressed as the new boyfriend pretending to have a romantic dinner with your ex who is now a mop with a wig.

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