Randy Quaid arrested for being frugal

The Santa Barbara County Police Department issued a warrant for Randy Quaid and arrested him Thursday at his home in Texas. The SBPD have been investigating Quaid and his wife Evi for skipping out on hotel bills. The two allegedly defrauded San Ysidro Ranch where they racked up $10,000 in charges.

In addition, Quaid and his wife allegedly skipped out on a $17,000 bill at the Hotel Bel-Air and took a rental car which they are currently keeping at their home in Marfa, Texas. Police are charging them with defrauding an innkeeper, conspiracy and burglary. Bail will be set at $20,000.

These crazy hotel owners think they can just go collect money from someone for services rendered? If you ask me, San Ysidro Ranch and Hotel Bel-Air are the real criminals here. Someone should tell them that no one likes a tattle-tale.

[Image: Splash News]

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