Rihanna and Chris Brown plan to circumvent the courts

A dubious report from STAR Magazine UK claims that Rihanna and Chris Brown have talked to lawyers to see how they can get around the court order that banned them from being near each other for five years. Their brilliant plan to circumvent the court order is to vacation in Acapulco, Mexico where America can not touch them.

“They spoke to their lawyers to see what was allowed, and are now planning two weeks in Mexico.

“They want to spend some quality time together and know they have a lot to reconcile before they can make their relationship public again.

“Rihanna’s desperate not to let her fans down as she’s had such support from them.

“She and Chris both need to have a long, hard think about a strategy that won’t hurt their careers.”

This is a great idea. Not only is Mexico beyond the reach of the American judicial system, but it’s also beyond the reach of the LAPD. Now when Chris punches Rihanna one hundred times in the face again, there won’t be any of those pesky cops with their “documentation” and “photographs.” Just a witch doctor who works out of a shack, thinks cameras will steal his soul and accepts payment in the form of shiny things.

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