Teri Hatcher made good on her promise to compete in the Nautica Triathlon in Malibu over the weekend which was commendable. She also gave us a little something extra. A partial look to what lies beneath her panties. Hint: imagine a bulldog’s face. Now imagine the outside of a vagina. Now put them together. Ta-da! You’re going to vomit too, aren’t you?

  • Herman Bumfudle

    oh yeh baby!!! come here and sit on dady’s lap. oh my yes that’s hot.

  • Northerner

    The story had to be written by a woman. No, I’m not going to vomit. No complaints here. Good looking gal. Front wedgie? Works for me! Great figure for her age. How many of those reading this could complete a marathon? Probably not many. Nice bum, Teri! You go, girl! Show’em how it’s done…

  • danbro

    If more women,young and old, would get in as good shape
    as Teri, it’d be a better world. She’s a Hottie. Vomit,
    no, want it, Hell Yes!!!!!!

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