Suzanne Somers holds the key to curing cancer

Cancer survivor Suzanne Somers has made bold claims that the chemotherapy Patrick Swayze underwent for his pancreatic cancer poisoned him. Luckily, there’s no controversy since no one cares what Suzanne Somers thinks. Somers is like that homeless guy screaming about kittens being our overlords who you nod your head at as you quickly walk by.

“They took a beautiful man” and “put poison in his body,” the “Three’s Company” star told columnist Shinan Govani at the party for Tom Ford’s movie, “A Single Man,” at the Toronto Film Festival. While Julianne Moore, Naomi Watts, Clive Owen and Colin Firth made chitchat, Somers, who has a book about cancer coming out next month, said: “Why couldn’t they have built him up nutritionally and gotten rid of the toxins? . . . I hate to be this controversial . . . but I have to speak out.”

Wait. I’ve changed my mind. Suzanne Somers may be on to something. Why has Western medicine yet to discover that mixing a bunch of common foods like honey, barley, rosewater and red pepper can flush out cancer from your body like Draino? It’s so obvious.

  • Aussie

    She’s right!
    Weather you like it or not.
    Chemo kills, radiation spreads the Cancer.
    Years ago, Doctors used to treat Cancer with Mercury. This made the patients hair fall out, they were sick within an inch of their life, or they simply died of toxticity and we all know today that is poisonous etc, etc, but we trusted Doctors hey! Today we have chemo, if a Doctor doesn’t recommend chemo, he doesn’t get paid, that’s where the Oncologists wage comes from! Chemo makes your hair fall out, makes you sick within an inch of your life or you simply die of toxticity! And we are still brainwashed! People that treat the body as a whole and get rid of their cancer naturally, out live the ones that are poisoned by chemo. This is a fact, google it fools!

    • Steve

      I have 2 grandparents with cancer. One had esophogeal cancer, the other cervical cancer. Both went through chemo and radiation therapy. Amazingly neither on of them had their cancer spread. yes chemo and radiation therapy do take a toll on the body, but it does not spread the cancer like the uninformed person above me thinks. Is it perfect, God no. And anyone who thinks you can “flush out” cancer, hasn’t the slightest clue what a tumor is.

    • Valgus88

      What frightens me is that you’re probably an adult that can wield a car down a road or possible be raising children. How pitifully ignorant.

  • DiMi

    Yes, Somers is an idiot. Yes chemo and radiation are not ideal but most people would genuinely die much faster without them.

    The larger issue is: Why do celebrities think they know anything about life outside of Hollywood including how to be doctors? This is starting to annoy me.

  • CC

    Because honey, barley, rosewater and red pepper are inexpensive and readily available thus the drug industry cannot make money off of it.

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