The Blemish is hiring


Sad news. Kim, who you saw write once in a while, has left. Now, The Blemish is hiring 1 or 2 more writers, preferably in the US, to join Jessica and Seamus. Sort of. I’m looking for people who can write I’m either away or kicking the server because it’s so damn frustrating when it keeps going down. There will be some pay, but don’t expect to quit your day job.

Email theblemish (at) gmail (dot) com with at least three writing samples on current gossip and a link to your blog if you have one. Do not just send links to posts on your blog. Be familiar with the writing style and up to date with the news and remember to source. This may even turn into a more permanent thing if you’re really awesome. As a bonus, you get your name in a byline. Fancy, huh?

  • Alayne

    Oh my god.. (not saying anything about your writting) but anyone with half a brain can poke a jab at these idiots who think they are so called famous. I mean really eat a hamburger you anorexic bitches. The men please… I am not wet just because you combed or not shaved your faces. I like the way you write to say the least. I dont bow down because you did a bad movie or crotch crunch on the side. Dont care if you are on the Hills (WTF) or any other of those A list TV shows. So good luck in your hunt for hiring. I would love to add a comment or two but hell they will hate me anyway. Just a regular person here.

  • ldsqtbea

    Dream come true

  • Laura

    don’t worry victor, I’ll take care of everything.

  • Miss P

    hope mine is in the running!

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