The Hoff wasn’t drunk, just had an ear thing

It was earlier reported that his daughter Hayley called her mom to tell her daddy was drinking again. Her mom mumbled something about hamburgers, dialed  911 and had paramedics rush David to the hospital.

Today, David Hasselhoff refutes that claim saying he didn’t go to the hospital due to alcohol poisoning. He just had an adverse reaction when he mixed medications.

David says he was taking Antivert for an ear infection. He also claims he was taking Antabuse, which keeps alcoholics from drinking. David says the combo “messed up his equilibrium” causing him to feel sick. When the paramedics arrived, David chose to go to the hospital for the equilibrium problem.

Well, duh. Antivert and Antabuse. It’s so obvious! Those two medications combined can make anyone seem drunk. Plus, it didn’t help that he probably washed it down with a liter of Vodka. [TMZ]

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