The immaculate conception

According to OK! Magazine, Jennifer Aniston plans on being pregnant by 41. Aniston turned 40 in February and there’s no man in her life so it’s safe to say it’s not happening. Although I have serious doubts about this story, let’s see what a source told OK!.

“I feel [motherhood is] in my future and I’m on the verge of it in some way,” the Love Happens star has said in recent months. “I want to have children. That’s my plan.”

“Jen’s made no secret of the fact she wants to get pregnant,” says the source. “Now, with nothing on her schedule for a while, she can relax and address the priorities that matter most — and motherhood is right at the top of her list.

“She wants to have a baby soon,” adds the insider. “And has set her heart on getting pregnant before her 41st birthday.”

Aniston should have been more realistic and said crippling loneliness was in her future. That would have made more sense. The only way she’s getting a baby inside her by next February is if she steals one from the maternity ward and tries to shove it into her womb.

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