This is what happens when you’re a Pratt

Holly Montag, Stacie Hall and Stephanie Pratt begged their way into the Asics VMA party at 40/40 so they could party with Jay-Z, Rihanna and Justin Timberlake. Pleading with security wasn’t the most embarrassing part of the evening though. That came when Pratt’s credit card was declined after ordering a bottle of champagne. Haha, you suck. Page Six reports:

She asked Montag to hand over her card and left with Hall. A source said Holly appeared not to want to pay for the bottle, “but the waitress wouldn’t give her card back until she signed the bill.” Pratt also made a scene at In Touch Weekly’s shindig at St. Bart’s church. A spy says she wandered around looking “wobbly” and was later “hysterically crying . . . She was a total mess.”

It’s eerie how much Stephanie and Holly’s relationship resembles Spencer and Heidi’s. Both Montags allow themselves to be used by the Pratt’s. The only difference is there’s much less hysterical crying with Stephanie than there is with Spencer.

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12 years ago

This chick didnt know who Kanye was at the VMA’s. I dont know if that means she’s dumb and lives in a cave or no one gives a s**t about Kanye but she seriously thought he was someone’s publicist when he interrupted Taylor Swift at the VMA’s

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