You have… hacked voicemail

Long story short, Lindsay Lohan posted her number on Facebook and someone guessed her voicemail password which was, wait for it, 1-2-3-4 and now Animal New York gives us a sampling of what kind of crazies call her.

The messages range from the inane to pathetic. Most of them are drunk dials and a few of them are people who only want to use her. The most dismal ones come from Michael who tells Lindsay that he went to go see Ali, but she didn’t want to come with him. Then he tells her he picked up her CD at 7-11 and puts the phone to the stereo so Lindsay can confirm that, yes, her dad bought her CD just so he could hear her voice.

God, that is depressing. It sounded like at any moment you were going to hear screeching tires in the background and Michael yelling that life is too painful and he can’t take it anymore. No wonder Lindsay was on drugs. Not even I could stand the hopelessness in his voice.

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