Almost, cat, almost

Bai Ling talked to PeoplePets about her cat Quiji, who’s apparently part cheetah, and how it almost bit her nipple off. She bought the animal after seeing it in an airplane magazine which is, tragically, how all these “animals almost biting off nipples” stories always start. Ling explains,

“I sleep naked … She was kissing me, and suddenly, she woke up. She saw my nipple, and oh my God, she went for it!” Bai says, laughing. “If I wasn’t fast, my nipple is gone. She thought it was a toy or something.”

She also said she used to bring it to premieres but after a few “freakouts” she had to keep it at home. That’s too bad. Premieres would be much more exciting if there were an almost feral animal running around trying to eat people. Although, people like Kevin Federline wouldn’t get very far before they fell to the floor from exhaustion and asked that his death be quick and painless.

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