Long story short, Falcon Heene, 6, from Fort Collins, Colorado, released a weather balloon and everyone though he was in it. They started this big manhunt to find the boy, but soon discovered he wasn’t on board after it landed. His parents later found that he was hiding in the garage. Falcon said he hid because he was scared his dad would yell at him. Although, others believe this is part of a publicity stunt. Considering the family has been on Wife Swap twice, that’s a reasonable assumption.

Last night, Balloon Boy’s family appeared on Larry King. Falcon was asked to explain why he didn’t answer when his dad kept calling him. Falcon blurted out, “You guys said we did this for a show.” Falcon’s dad pretended not to hear and kept asking why he didn’t answer. It’s like when you fart on national television and keep talking like nothing happened. Which I think someone did, actually.

This morning, the family appeared on the Today Show. When asked what Falcon meant by this being for a show, he threw up. Not a bad way to avoid a question. I couldn’t have done it better myself. Except, I may have went into a monologue from A Few Good Men and stormed out. I like to be dramatic.

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