Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have a secret meeting

The rumor is that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston still keep in touch. So we have this. The Daily Mail says Pitt and Aniston recently held a secret rendezvous at the Essex House hotel in New York where Brad whined about his relationship problems with Angelina Jolie. Jennifer presumably listened while grinning wildly and rubbing her hands together.

‘She arrived at his hotel suite a matter of hours after they had spoken. Brad was unloading his emotional baggage on Jen, which isn’t exactly fair considering their history.’

But the source added: ‘She was quick to tell him she wanted no part in his break-up with Angelina.’

At first she was reported to be reluctant to meet with her former husband.

But the magazine alleges Brad got his mother Jane – who is famously still close to Jen – to persuade her to meet with him and give some advice.

Aniston was apparently brutally honest with Brad during their exchange, which took place the Friday before last, telling him he was being selfish and had to figure things out on his own.

So to recap, Brad left Jennifer for Angelina Jolie who’s ten times hotter and more interesting than her. Now he’s asking Aniston for relationship advice. Excuse me if I don’t find it shocking if Aniston told Brad that he should criticize what Angelina wears all the time, label her cooking as “sub par” and call her fatty fat fat fat to “show her you mean business”.

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