Britney Spears’ aliases

It’s no surprise stars use fake names when they travel. Mostly because they think very highly of themselves and are under the impression people care that they’re checking into a Miami hotel at 2:35 p.m. on Saturday wearing a flowy, pink dress and sunhat. I mean, I don’t care. I just happen to be standing there with a camera and my autograph book. Oh, hey. What are the chances?

Anyway, Steve Dennis wrote a biography, Britney: Inside the Dream where he reveals the aliases she uses. These include: Ms. Alotta Warmheart “because she had such a warm heart,” Mrs. Diana Prince, Queen of the Fairy Dance, “because she was the dancing fairy,” and Mrs. Abra Cadabra, “for no apparent known reason.”

Coincidentally, I also use Queen of the Fairy Dance as my alias when I check-in to hotels. Turns out it works better if you’re a girl. A lot of times, the front desk points and laughs at me which totally defeats the purpose of using an alias. Sheesh, keep it down guys.

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