Carrie Prejean must return her breasts

In August, Carrie Prejean sued Miss California USA claiming her firing was due to religious discrimination. If you’ll remember, Prejean hid behind religion when she claimed all gay people are evil or something like that.

Well, it seems Keith Lewis of Miss California USA has a sense of humor because he and his organization filed a cross-complaint demanding Carrie return those breasts they paid for.  TMZ explains:

The production company that runs the pageant is filing a cross complaint against Prejean, demanding, among other things, that Carrie return the $5,200 the pageant fronted her for her breast augmentation.

In other legal docs, Keith Lewis and crew are asking to strike a portion of Prejean’s lawsuit — the portion dealing with public disclosure of private facts.

The new docs say, “the alleged ‘private facts’ consist of her breast augmentation (which ceased being private during the swimsuit competition of the nationally-televised Miss USA pageant, in which Ms. Prejean walked the stage in a bikini).”

The cross complaint says, “Had [Carrie] heeded the guidance of the Gospel of John, who admonished only those who are without sin to cast stones in judgment, she might have avoided this legal battle …”

I kind of want Keith Lewis to meet Carrie Prejean in arbitration, grab her breasts without warning and go, “Yoink!,” tearing them off. I’d think that’d be funny in a twisted, karmic sort of way. But this cursing her with small breasts is good too.

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