Cindy Crawford is in denial

For years, Cindy Crawford was one of the world’s biggest supermodels. Now that she’s 40 and her body’s changing and no one wants her anymore, of course she’s going to tell people that she’s too “healthy” to be a model.

“I would not have become a supermodel in 2009. I look too healthy,” Crawford told Bunte.

“A body like mine with big breasts, normal thighs and toned upper arms” is no longer what the industry is looking for, she said.

Crawford, 43, said she was happy with her physique but worried about the effects of ageing like wrinkles and bulges.

“That’s why I like being in my 40s so much — being at peace with yourself, knowing about your strengths beyond being pretty,” she said.

That’s the same reason I can’t become a model. My bulging biceps would rip through designer clothes, people would get lost in my eyes and not even pay attention to what I’m modeling and the bulge in my pants would be way too distracting. Sometimes I think I’m cursed.

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