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These are your comments of the week for October 18 – 23. This week brought to you by the incredible, shrinking Anne Hathaway.

First up. Meg on Nicole Kidman blames Hollywood in response to people commending Kidman on blaming Hollywood for contributing to violence against women.

Nicole has never played a “weak sex object” role? She’s never played up her kittenish coy tendencies to be more appealing on screen? And her battle with the normal aging process is not indicative of her hypocrisy? I don’t think how she looks between shooting films and doing press junkets is up to the misogynist Hollywood Honcho set. There is no question that she chooses surgery and Botox because of her own insecurity. Case in point, I never noticed Meryl Streep Botoxing the sh-t out of her face in her 40s, and she’s one of the loveliest women in Hollywood. There are plenty of gorgeous women older than Nicole who don’t bother with trying to look 20 years younger. Looking beautiful is not the same as being beautiful or exuding beauty. Nicole is (to some people) beautiful superficially, but it’s obvious that she doesn’t think she is.

That was actually well thought out. I would have just responded with, “shut up, you suck.”

Next up. Meljay on Taylor Momsen caking her eyes in makeup.

Holy make-up! Can you say, Cindy Lou EWWWWW?

Poetry in motion, my friends.

Then we have Scooby who noticed that lengthy tattoo on Lindsay Lohan’s arm.

What the f**k is that on her left arm? A script?

Well, Scooby. It is a script. With her ADD and lack of talent, Lindsay has trouble remembering lines. You don’t have to rub it in.

Nestarman after seeing those pics of Lindsay Lohan in court.

Oh my I think I’m going to throw up after seeing her in court, her pro-creating with other people gives me the willies. Plus it makes Mr. Pee-Pee sad in my pants for looking at her.

Only because he referred to his penis as Mr. Pee-Pee which reminded me of the movie Kung Pow which made me giggle.

Jen on Khloe being fat.

wow im a size 0 and think that she looks great. She is very well proportioned when you facter in her height and curves. Whoever wrote this must be a jealous biatch with too much time on their hands. Get a life.

Size 0? What’s your number. Maybe we can, uh, discuss this over dinner.

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14 years ago

you go girl! new found respect for the oh-so-pale-occasionally-attractive hathaway.

yo blemish, got any updates on that whole edison scandal?