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I was bored so I sifted through the comments to give you ones I found interesting or entertaining. This weeks COTW is brought to you buy Kristen Cavallari’s legs. Let us begin.

At first I was offended by Sheriff Crusty’s comment, but then realized he was talking about Lindsay Lohan and not my mom.

Has anyone seen that bit in The Shining where the hot naked chick climbs out of the bath tub and then transforms into a hideous old hag?

From Kelly Clarkson Is My Savior on “A little too late“. This one seemed to be some sort of double haiku and also unintentionally hilarious.

Grow up idiot.
Shes not fat in the least.
Shes a curvy girl with a nice butt.
Get over yourself man…
I swear.. People these days got no damn lifes or sense…. >:(

I take it she thinks the Earth is “curvy” too?

From dude on the same post.

She ate away at least $30M in album and ticket sales. It’s so sad. So, very sad. And, I’m sure she’ll thin out on Jenny Craig or some other plan in ten years to trot out on Oprah. But, at that point it’ll be “A LOT too late” to make up for the lost income.

$30 million? Someone is being a little conservative.

From Chewy on “Ryan Jenkins’ suicide note found“.

He looks like a fatter Mark Hoppus of Blink 182.

The only difference is Jenkins was a little more strangle-your-girlfriend-and-stuff-her-mutilated-body-in-a-suitcase-y.

JoJo states the obvious on Tila Tequila almost killing herself. Again.

Ummmm, this is not the first time she threatened/announced her suicide via Twitter. I follow her on Twitter and she pulled this stunt back around April’ish. I was freaked out bcuz I wasnt sure if she was serious. She even had Tyrese twittering and worried that she was actually going to do it! This chick has problems!

Anne raises a good point on Nancy Grace skewering Jon Gosselin the first time.

Nancy skews the facts to fit her version of a “sensational” story. She negates to mention that Kate on the Today show is blubbering over missing money and can’t pay her bills and in the next breath discusses buying a new ring with mother of pearl and eight diamonds to replace her wedding band!!! Kate’s nails were well manicured, she was tan, hair done, etc. Boo hoo, but she can’t pay her bills. Yet, Nancy brings up all of Jon’s short comings. Not fair and unbaised reporting. I think ole’ Nancy has had her day, I am sorry she no longer presents the facts and discusses the legal issues. It is now more about skewing the information to get the entertainment value. So much for “Lady Justice”.

I think the answer to that hypothetical of where Kate is getting her money from is “child sex slaves”.

Meanwhile, Laura just wants the old crack-head Nancy Grace back.

what the hell happened to that show? I want that coke-head of a host who used to call up chicks all drunk, back!!!

I don’t watch Nancy Grace, but this intrigues me. I would also like that Nancy Grace back.

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14 years ago

LOL, the coke-head host of The Insider used to be Pat O’Brien. Yet, Nancy Grace on coke would be Child Abduction Reporting at its best!

14 years ago

It’s surprising how often they add a plug for CO2 fertilization. ,

14 years ago

You know what else ruins clothes? ,