Eliza Dushku hits up Letterman

Eliza Dushku dressed up as a sexy cat burglar on Letterman last night. Gosh, that outfit is tight. She probably had to be poured in there. Are you sure this wasn’t painted on? I think it’d be best if I checked. No need to recoil in fear, I’m very thorough.

  • P. Kevin

    Yes, yes… let’s allow more liberal “minds” to guide us so that the rest of the country can end up like Detroit, Baltimore or Chicago.
    Alas, as now Seattle, Portland, SF and NYC are headed down as well. Hmm… what could it be that their leaders all have in common?

    • Roy_Munson

      Trump was a liberal until a year or 2 ago

  • Leslie A Dalmas

    O’brother, you retired and lost what was left of your mind….pathetic.

    • Roy_Munson

      Trump’s not pathetic? He hasn’t lost his mind??

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