Fame Killed

Live Nation confirmed the Lady Gaga-Kanye West “Fame Kills” tour has been canceled. E! News says the cancellation may be related to recent reports of Lady Gaga wanting out, but I have some exclusive insider information for your guys. *Leans in with a loud whisper: it may be due to Kanye commandeering Taylor Swift’s microphone at the MTV Video Music Awards.

“We did not do this tour for each other,” Lady Gaga said on the radio this week. “We did this tour for everybody else. We wanted to do something that no one has ever seen.”

Well, I have great news for you pre-sale floor seat ticket holders, Lady Gaga is wrong.  Unless this tour included a sew-on vagina for her, then you have already seen everything this tour has to offer since you’ve been repeatedly exposed to both Kanye’s asshole antics and Lady Gaga’s huge cock.  Consider your money saved.

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12 years ago

I don’t know about GaGa having a weiner….in the second photo it looks like a camel toe to me. Unless she’s awful good at hiding the sausage.

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