Fatty Faterline is fat

High School Musical star and Celebrity Fit Club group leader, KayCee Stroh, is either very polite or a big fat liar. I’m going to go with a combination of the two because I’m feeling generous today. She spoke highly of Kevin Federline’s attitude towards Celebrity Fit Club, which has lead me to believe that KayCee is just as dumb as her name. She shared with E! Online,

“Kevin’s as cool as a cucumber. He keeps it all together. All the rest of us are sobbing like babies, but Kevin is pretty calm and collected.”

I’d be calm and collected too if I was financially set for life due to my personal sacrifice of marrying and repeatedly sleeping with an angry, hormonal, blonde rabid beast. Also, I’d like to congratulate KayCee on her healthy food analogy of Kevin’s behavior being “cool as a cucumber”. By opting for a more healthy reference, she staved off tempting thoughts of cows, swine, and lard. Which kind of means she staved off tempting thoughts of Kevin Federline. If only Britney could’ve done the same.

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