Footage reveals Joe Francis fights like a sissy

Radar obtained video footage of the incident in which Jayde Nicole accused Joe Francis of pulling her to the ground by her hair and kicking her. Francis said these were all lies afterward and he would be exonerated by video. Well, I don’t think that means what Joe thinks it means because the video shows Jayde spilling a drink on Francis and then Francis grabbing her by the hair and dragging her to the ground. Probably after he shrieked, “Eeee, my Ed Hardy shirt.”

Coincidentally, the incident was exactly how Jayde described. Minus the kicking. Which is something, I guess. Maybe that should be the focus of Joe’s argument from now on. Granted, I can’t imagine that making a huge difference. Oh, so you dragged her across the ground by her hair but held back from kicking her. What a prince you are.

Update: It seems Radar wants you to go over to their site for the video. Sheesh. All that extra clicking.

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