Jamie Foxx cops to nude pic

Back in August, a full frontal pic of Jamie Foxx was leaked (NSFW picture here). There was a big debate over whether it was him or not. People didn’t think so, but the Daily Mail said otherwise. They claimed that since lawyers sent MediaTakeout a letter saying the picture was Foxx’s property, it was him. Still, no real clarification. Until yesterday when Jamie Foxx appeared on the Tonight Show.

Conan O’Brien asked Foxx about the leaked photo. Foxx admitted “it is me”. After being congratulated by Conan, Foxx explained that it was taken for a before and after shot for his makeup artist during filming of the Miami Vice movie. Jamie said that, “In transferring that material, I guess these people hang out on the internet and grabbed the picture and put it out on the internet.”

In essence, there are these hackers who live on the internet and when they see things floating by, they digitally grab it out of the air. Uh, okay. So, in nerd speak, through a complicated process of packet sniffing, someone specifically targeted the nude photo Jamie was sending over wireless. I think the more logical explanation is the makeup artist or their friend found it and leaked it to the web or someone hacked an email account or Jamie just wanted people to see his big penis. Seriously, you could club a baby seal with that thing.

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