Jimmy Kimmel plays favorites

Following in the footsteps of David Letterman, late night host Jimmy Kimmel revealed that he and his head writer Molly McNearney were dating. No one cared because Jimmy Kimmel is unfunny and unpopular. However, now there are allegations that Jimmy unfairly promoted Molly over other more qualified staff because they were in a relationship. Some even say the air of invincibility around Molly has turned her into a bitch.

…one staffer even quit because they felt that Molly wasn’t qualified for the promotions she was receiving. According to the source, the staff is disgruntled that Molly gets preferential treatment and isn’t afraid to let people know about her relationship. “People on the staff think she has become nasty lately.”

“Molly McNearney definitely has been using her relationship with Jimmy to move up in the show, and he definitely played favorites with her over other more qualified staffers,” said the source.

Maybe this hasn’t settled in for everybody yet but let me reiterate this fact. Molly is having sex with Jimmy Kimmel. Ugh, that’s commitment to one’s career. She deserves some kind of award for that. If not a promotion, then maybe a plaque of sorts or my many condolences.

[Image: Splash News]

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14 years ago

If she only got the job because she’s dating her boss, how do you explain the improved ratings since she was promoted to co-head writer? Just a little something to think about while you’re throwing around baseless accusations about someone you’ve never met.

One more thing – for those of you who still believe a woman can only make it to the top by sleeping with someone, go f**k yourselves.