Jon calls Kate a liar

Jon Gosselin has fired back at claims that he withdrew $230,000 from his and Kate’s joint bank account. “A total fabrication. I withdrew $22,000 last Thursday. I have the paper trail to prove it,” says Jon. Jon says that over 10 years, Kate has always handled the money. In the four years that Jon And Kate Plus 8 was on, the family made $2,250,000 of which he withdrew $177,000 over the course of a year.

“She’s hiding money,” he said. “We have 11 bank accounts. That was just our joint account. She had a best-selling book. Where’s that million dollars? I believe she’s incriminating herself and not thinking clearly. She’s wanting me to look bad. I didn’t want these things to come public. I didn’t want this to be embarrassing for her.”

Jon does have a point. Where is Kate’s million dollars? They can’t have all gone into her fashion forward haircut. And those kids aren’t bathing in anointed rose water every day. Then again, Kate has a point also. Why is Jon such a douchebag? Wait, did Kate not say that? My mistake. I guess it was more implied and I just assumed she said it.

  • lara

    It doesn’t matter whether Jon believes he’s entitled to a billion dollars from the family money, he wasn’t legally allowed to remove any substantial funds from this joint account. He should have waited and gone through the proper channels. Clearly he’s been badly advised and he now risks prosecution.

  • Marci,

    Kate is a liar, shes the one who started this whole divorce, she was the first one who had an affair with her body guard,then told Jon that she wanted a divorce.
    She spends lots of money. It was obvious on the tv series, how disrespectful she treated Jon, he was always helping her with the children. She does not know how lucky she was to have Jon helping her with the children. Kate is greedy, she had this whole scenario planned from when she wanted multiples after her first set of twins. My mother raised 9 children without all that drama. We were loved and she was a very good mother
    my father worked all the time, but he showed us his love.

  • Marci,

    I think Jon deserves to be heard as the father of all eight children. Kate wants the children to continue to be on tv. It is time for the children to grow up in a home environment without cameras. I agree with Jon, the children need to be taken off tv. It is time for Kate to save the money that the children have already made. She needs to start being a mature adult mother with eight children and stop trying to be a star on tv.

  • Poche

    I think that Jon is a liar. He’s driven by fear at this point because he’s lost Kate, who clearly made things happen. Now he’s made promises to his 23 year “career consultant” Hailey. He has to come through with making her a celebrity, which he can’t. He also can’t make any real money without Kate. Now he is in a panic and committed fraud by withdrawing $230K….he better be ready to pull some money out of his ass to repay the bank account. I’ll bet $5 that some of the money went towards Hailey’s skanky boob job.

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