Jon Gosselin gives his side

Jon Gosselin sat down with Popeater (full interview there) to give his side of the story. A few things we learn:

1) Jon is very popular. He’s followed by 65 paparazzi in Reading and 125 in LA. Jon says they don’t bother him and that he’s friends with a few of them.

2) Jon says he gave Nancy Grace a run for her money on The Insider, but it was hard to hear through all the shouting and creative editing.

She combated me, but I had some good points that they edited out. She yelled – and she did yell, by the way — saying, ‘Why are you here now when your kids are at home?” I said I didn’t have custody, so I couldn’t be home. She said ‘Well you could be in Pennsylvania.’ I said ‘Well I’m here now, and hey, Nancy, I know you live in New York and Georgia and I know you have twins… who’s with your twins? She shut up real quick.

3) Jon is an entrepreneur. For example, he says, “I have some good designs and I’m manufacturing things, fashion design, branding. Also, television. hosting something or doing something like that.”

Hold your horses. Designs? Don’t leave us in breathless anticipation, Jon. Tell us about these designs. Will they have skulls and roses on them? Will they be “signature tees”? Will they only be $75? I must know now so I may begin saving.

  • What a Laugh

    Oh really, you thought you kept even with Nancy Grace, I don’t think so! You know, the lame fish analogy lived in your facial expression when Nancy handed you your balls with the line “WHY IS IT ALL ABOUT YOU”. Jon all you have is lame excuses and obvious memory loss. SHUT THE F*** UP you shameless LOSER!!! Give back the money and GO AWAY FOREVER!!


    All Jon is good at manufacturing is BS.

  • what that to you nancy.ratings

    That right Jon you too know how to write checks and pay bills.

  • JonIsUgly

    Jon nis one of the most unattractive men I have seen…both inside and out!.
    I find it hard to believe that he can come up with this rubbish, he surely knows that everyone hates him.
    Jon is delusional and I fear for the children when he is around them.

  • Phil

    What a f**twat

  • Trikki Nikki

    While Jon probably can’t do much about the fact that his face hints that he may be the spawn of Yoko Uno and Corky from Life Goes On, you’d think he’d spend some of his reality show windfall on a gym membership rather than Ed Hardy shirts.

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