Jon Gosselin was suicidal

Jon Gosselin’s former nanny, Stephanie Santoro, fears Jon will commit suicide if his girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, were to break up with him. One can only hope. Stephanie’s fears stem from Jon previously admitting his life was too much to handle. Radar Online reports,

“He said he was going to kill himself.” After Jon and Hailey broke up Stephanie said that he called her and revealed his dark and disturbing thoughts to her. He said “He was going to end it all the he couldn’t handle it anymore.”

If a breakup with Hailey won’t do it, hopefully having the women in his life constantly running their mouths to the press will push him over the edge. What does he have to lose anyway? He’s obviously terrible in bed (women don’t betray fantastic lovers). He’s a horrible father. He’s a 32-year-old overweight asshole that rapes the public’s eye with his Ed Hardy wardrobe. Seems the only two people that wouldn’t benefit from Jon’s death is Ed Hardy’s designer, Christian Audigier, and Satan. Even Satan doesn’t want anything to do with Jon Gosselin.

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If he wants to commit suicide then its his choice. He just wants attention and that’s how hes going to get it. He is a very bad father because he doesn’t see his kids that much.


All the media would drive anyone to drink..


If he was serious about killing his self he would just do it not talk about it trying to make everyone feel sorry for him, also he want power over people if your don’t do what I say I will kill myself and it will be your fault. What a loser

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