Jon Gosselin will beat a tramp down…

…with his words. According to Radar Online, Hailey Glassman cried like a bitch on The Insider while revealing the emotionally abusive side of her boyfriend, Jon Gosselin. Basically, Jon wants to be Kate in his new relationship. He probably styles his hair like Kate’s while sleeping with Hailey. Hailey revealed the following,

“We’re at a point now where I don’t know why I love him. He gets frustrated and angry and I’m the one who gets the brunt. He’ll call me and take his anger out on me. He has ‘mantrums.’ I shouldn’t have to put up with being emotionally abused. I cry and say why are you so mean to me? He takes it out on me. He talks over me so I can’t speak. Sometimes he has trouble with the truth and he will dance and dance around his lies. He’s like Jekyll and Hyde. But I still love him.”

Hailey’s condescending referral of Jon’s fits of rage as “mantrums” is exactly why she falls victim to his verbal thrashings. Even though she is deserving, I think Hailey’s performance on The Insider is pretty transparent. While others may wonder what she is doing with an arrogant asshole like Jon Gosselin, I’ve read that a little douche juice goes a long way for a healthy, happy vagina. And Hailey has unlimited access to Jon’s lifetime supply of douche stored in his Ed Hardy oversized tote. It’s a match made in heaven.

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11 years ago

People! Listen up! She’s just laying the ground work for her defense of her involvement in Jon’s theft of the arbitrator controlled bank account. She’s just now realizing that she will be held legally accountable in the whole divorce mess….

11 years ago

I never saw so many unbalanced people in my life. How lucky are we that they all managed to find each other. This man has to be the biggest fool in the world. But then again look at all the foolish women who seem to fall at his feet. They all make Kate look like a saint.

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