K-Fat purposely gaining more weight

Kevin Federline isn’t above cheating to win Celebrity Fit Club. After finding out that it was definite he was going to appear on the show, Kevin began “putting on even more weight on purpose” to make his weight loss even more dramatic. Turns out one of the side-effects of deliberately overeating is delusion.

“He thinks that if he goes on the show, loses a ton of weight, and seems really likeable, he’ll get more deals afterward,” the friend said. “The way he sees it, he could have another show after ‘Fit Club,’ and that would open the door to working on music again, maybe even a fashion line.”

Fatterline needs to take it one step at a time. Literally and figuratively. Before he begins work on his master plan, he has to first figure out how to walk three steps without wheezing, then clutching his heart and collapsing in pain.

  • Old School Woman

    I wouldn’t put it past him. He knows the ways of Hollywood now! You do ANYTHING to get your 15 minutes of FAME and hope you can parley it into a couple of more hours! The sad part is the public falls for these SHAM shows time and time again. They are ALL staged for RATINGS! His huge weight gain may have been to lure the naysayers to watch if only to watch him fail. I wouldn’t put it past him that he was approached maybe a YEAR AGO and was told the more weight he gains the more impact it could have on ratings when he loses the weight. As a dancer I’m sure he knows ways of ridding himself of the pounds along with proper eating and an excercise plan the show provides. PLEASE, NO MORE REALITY SCAM SHOWS!

  • fala

    He’ll be sorry. Fat cells never disappear, they just shrink. Then they scream to be filled up again – not only making you feel hungry, but sick, irritable and “just not right.” That’s why dieters have a recidivism rate of over 90%. That show is a travesty and Federline is a…well, what hasn’t been said about him. Boy ain’t bright.

  • Mary

    Kevin Federline is going to end up with Congestive Heart Failure. I know because I have it. I can relate to only being able to walk a few steps, and then hyperventilating, and gasping for air. That happened to me. When I was taken to the ER in an ambulance a year and a half ago, I was close to death. It is not easy to change, but if Kevin Federline doesn’t face reality, and get a grip on his health, he will be dead. I was given a second chance. Many others do not get that. CHF is a fatal form of heart disease if it is not caught.

  • Jim

    I hope for the sake of his health, he smartens up; gaining that much weight is only looking for more problems. I just don’t understand how some people allow themselves to gain that much weight when they know the consequences are never good.

  • rudewaitress

    With that turd on the show, I’ll definitely pass.

  • Tee Maresca

    “K Fat Federline” purposefully gaining weight “is truly pathological” since he is gaining by all means necessary. I will guess therfore, Spears money is running out, since the world needs talent now; nolonger fantasy.

    Tee Maresca

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