K-Fat’s a fat slob

Kevin Federline skipped out on paying his last six months of rent and left a trail of chicken grease leading to his present whereabouts. The owners want over $100,000 in unpaid rent and damages to their apartment. TMZ released a list of Federline’s damages,

“- Gutters full of cigarette butts and empty beer bottles
– A broken beer dispenser on the barbecue island
– Permanent spit marks on exterior paint
– Broken light covers
– Bent light posts
– Broken tiles
– Dead trees and plants due to failure to water
– Drawings all over the walls
– A room that was turned into a studio (without the owners’ permission)
– Broken dishwasher … with broken baskets
– Dismantled smoke detectors
– Front driveway oil-leak damage
– Master bathroom windows tinted (without owners’ permission)”

Shocking. A man that can barely take care of himself doesn’t take care of his home. I wouldn’t be surprised if everything broken in that house is from morbidly-obese-eline rolling around like a hog in his pigsty and crushing everything in his wake. And the drawings all over the walls? Well that’s just from that night Britney stayed over.

  • Laura

    the nerve! breaking the baskets in the dishwasher! he should have known that those were for holding dishes, not him.

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