Kanye West is drizzunk!

Things I’ve learned from the Spike Jonze directed Kanye West short-film titled We Were Once A Fairytale which Kanye posted on his website and then pulled.

  1. Kanye enjoys listening to his own music.
  2. This “Ivan” fellow is very condescending.
  3. White people mistake Kanye for Lil’ Wayne.
  4. If you’re a chick, don’t let Kanye dance with you. He’ll just end up weeping on your shoulder.
  5. On any given night, a stranger will go up to Kanye, whisper “it’s okay” into his ear and have sex with him.
  6. Kanye will pass out on you after he finishes.
  7. Kanye vomits blood in the form of confetti.
  8. A cute little furball of a demon lives inside of his stomach.
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