Kelly Brook is tired of this

“This” being strangers who go up to her and kiss her on the lips. Apparently girls don’t like that. Weird. Kelly Brook tells Loaded magazine, “I keep getting people coming up to me, sneaking in for a kiss. They’ll just dive right in. Before you know it, they’re in there. It’s so quick and then it’s over.”

Coincidentally, that describes my sex life. I like to think of it as being efficient. And that laughing afterward? I like to think they’re laughing with delight. Hold me.

Kelly also says she’s positive people send her weird things, but she doesn’t know for sure because they’re screened by her manager. So if you’ve been sending Kelly things other than cars and dresses, they haven’t been getting through. In fact, her manager probably responds to her mails as well. The signed autographs? Her manager. The thank you notes? Her Manager. Those used panties that you’ve been sniffing every day after work? Her manager.

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Kimono za karate
Kimono za karate
11 years ago


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